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Opportunity costs.  Activity based costing.  These are not phrases commonly used when people talk about buying printing and promotional items. However, it is attention to these details that sets Three Ring apart from other providers of printing and promotional materials.   We make the effort to learn how you use the items, who uses them, where they are used, and the objective of the item… not just what you are buying. Obviously, disclosing this information is up to each client. But, the more we know, the better we are able to serve you.


The cornerstone of Three Ring Solutions is our online storefront software. It provides an efficient and informative format to present all your materials such that they are easy to order for the appropriate employees:


• It has a standard e-commerce framework that anyone who has purchased over the Internet can use.

• Access to items can be determined at the employee level such that each employee will only see those items which are relevant to them.

• Manager approval is available for orders (if desired).

• Items can be organized to match your business processes.

• Orders can be allocated to designated cost centers to allow for managerial tracking of costs.

• Historical usage reports allow managers to determine which items are being used and by whom.


The flexibility of the software is almost limitless… Swiss Army Software.


You can view a demo site HERE using the UserID trmdemo and Password trmdemo.


The other block in Three Ring Solutions is our warehouse.  Why warehouse your materials with Three Ring?


1. You have multiple locations that use common materials and delivering them just-in-time is more cost efficient than maintaining large inventories at each location.

2. You have materials that have a relatively stable rate of use and are unlikely to change in the near future. Printing a large quantity to realize economies of scale then warehousing for later distribution can be more cost effective.

3. Waste reduction. You WANT marketing materials to be given out to prospects and customers. That is why you bought them. But, it is more difficult to track the local inventory when there are boxes and boxes of those items rather than one or two.  It is human nature to be less careful with items when there is a seemingly endless supply. Having smaller local inventories be re-ordered when needed creates awareness of the item’s use.

4. The Three Ring software is tied into the Three Ring online storefront software such that there is always accountability for your inventory. You can determine how much you have of a particular item and who has used how much.

5. Three Ring has handwork and fulfillment staff to repackage your materials to match how you use them. This may involve shrink wrapping a box of 5000 flyers into 20 bundles of 250 or repackaging pens into bundles of 50 rather than sending a remote sales rep a box of 500.


No single combination of Three Ring products and services is ideal for every client.  If the service doesn’t make business sense, we won’t try to sell you.


Contact us if you would like us to put on our MBA hats and see how we can help optimize your print and promotional material purchasing and distribution.

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